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Additional Dwelling Units

Additional dwelling units (ADUs) are more affordable and accessible to build than ever before. Trusted Construction is proud to be at the forefront of this innovative industry. We are San Diego County’s premier ADU construction company, developing quality units based on our exceptional designs and years of construction experience. Our units are tested, trusted, and built to last, promising a stellar return on investment for any homeowner.

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San Diego County’s Leading ADU Contractor

San Diego County’s leading ADU developer is Trusted Construction. We create innovative units that promote livability and efficient land use. We strive to enhance the form and function of any space, creating new, sustainable forms of housing so that all Californians can continue to thrive.

With our services, you can:

  • Maximize property value
  • Expand your living space
  • Create a rental property
  • Add multi-generational housing capacity
  • Save time and money

What Are ADUs?

An ADU is an accessory dwelling unit built on your property. It can be attached to the principal building or its own separate structure.

The state of California has recently legislated to allow property owners greater flexibility and control over building ADUs. You can now add an ADU onto almost any existing property, so long as the ADU does not exceed 1200 sq. ft. Homeowners across San Diego County can take advantage of the new regulations, allowing them to build housing for their families, renters, or long-term investment.

ADUs can be used for rental purposes or for family living. Examples of acceptable ADUs include:

  • Basement apartments
  • Alley apartments
  • Secondary suites
  • Tiny homes
  • In-law suites

To learn more about additional dwelling units, don't hesitate to contact us today. We'll be happy to discuss your options so you know what you can expect from our services.

A Range of Pre-Approved ADUs to Choose From

Trusted Construction is proud to offer a range of ADU plans that are pre-approved by San Diego County. We want the whole construction process as smooth and simple as possible-and our pre-approved plans make that possible. By streamlining the first stages of construction, we deliver more consistent results while also saving you time and money on the small stuff.

We have plans for a vast array of ADUs, from secondary suites to apartments. Schedule a consultation with us, and we'll show you in precise terms what we can do for you. We'll show you our plans so you know what to expect and what the construction process will look like. We'll make sure you have all the information you need to feel ready for the project-and confident in our services.

To discover our range of pre-approved ADU plans, get in touch, and schedule a consultation.

For ADU Design and Construction, Choose Trusted Construction

Why wait? If you're considering an additional dwelling unit for your property, we're the team for you. We've helped countless San Diegans add space and value to their homes, developing a new generation of tenements in the process. They've all come to love our commitment to quality and sustainability, and we're confident you will too.

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